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Now whether a company has the fleet size of 10 or 10,000, the unmatched fleet management software designed and developed by Bilty Software is the complete solutions for your fleet management system providing you peace of mind.

In the competitive domestic and international transport business, the smooth administration of the growing percentage of the fleet was not at all the cup of tea for a common individual but thanks to the fleet management software.

The smooth management of huge fleet is indeed a very challenging task. But our fleet management system is the perfect option to get rid of the regular problems.

There was a great need for fleet management software based on the latest technologies to overcome the fleet management related problems.

Our fleet management software has it all ready for you. It is very easy to operate. Loaded with numerous attractive features, our fleet management software is certainly unmatched.

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Fleet Management System
  • Maintain Vehicle Reports
  • Goods Booking
  • Loading Slip System
  • Challan System
  • Driver Settlement Sheet
  • Vehicle Trip Closing system
  • Real-Time Information
  • Hassle-free Fleet Management

Fleet Management Software Optimize Your Fleet System


There has been a lot of problem-related to the administration and management of the huge fleet operated from the different corners of the country. For such organizations truck management software developed by Bilty Software – the leading IT Company located in Delhi(India) is the perfect solution.

Searching for the fleet management system for hiring or providing fleets! Your search ends at Bilty Software. Our fleet management software is the answer to your need.

Whatever feature you could think of is already loaded in our fleet management system to provide you the joy of stress-free fleet management.

As soon as the term fleet management comes to mind, people are found being stressed. But our top truck management software will make your stress disappear in a fraction of seconds.

Hiring or providing fleets was also a big challenge for the big fleet management companies. Our feature-rich lorry management software will also help you in this complex process.

Optimize Fleet Providing Services Whatever 10 or 10000 Fleets

A number of the fleet providing companies found struggling managing day to day activities including the coordination between the different branches, record keeping of the fleet movement, Loading-unloading, challans, bilty, timekeeping, record of incoming and outgoing fleet, billing, etc. earlier are now enjoying hassle-free operations by the smart use of our fleet management system having a number of the useful features.

The good thing to learn is that the leading transport software company Bilty Software has introduced Lorry management software with the latest and extremely useful features to ease the task of the organization in the business of huge fleet providing services.

The truck management software by Bilty Software will help you increase

  • Work efficiency
  • Minimize manpower
  • Save operational cost
  • Raise error-free bill

and thus enjoy more profit and business growth.

Fleet Management Software

At present, the advancement in the technology sector has found the solution to even the most complex problems. So without further stress, now get start your business with technology whatever you have 10 or 10000 fleets. The use of our highly efficient fleet management system will make your every single task hassle-free.

Enjoy the advanced features not limited to Real Time Information, Business Intelligence, Attractive Dashboards, and much more to help you manage fleets smoothly.