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The transport management Software  is a professional companion that helps freight companies consistently and cost-effectively in overcoming challenges associated with the manual freight system. The entire supply chain and the freight handling system benefits from the automated computerized system that makes processes fast and impeccable.

From efficient tracking of shipments in real-time to helping reduce transportation costs, the transport management  software is the right solution that helps your customers and your officials to access and monitor freight-related information live.

Well-equipped with hands-on features that only support your transportation and logistics better and optimally. Here is why the TMS software is the best and should be an integral part of your supply chain –

  • Automizes the entire process of logistics by establishing a fully coordinated process for the freight system and the warehouse; thereby improvising the productivity and the performance of the overall transport management software.
  • With a hands-on system that provides for easy accessibility and updated information, the transport management system acts as a single-point tracking system for the movement of goods, shipments, trucks, and drivers, customer service is optimized.
  • Assists in the optimum utilization of vehicles, routes, and schedules. The system offers avenues for vendors, transporters, and customers to save on costs and maximize freight performance.
transport management features

Reduce Your Manual Business Challenges

Freight systems are critical for facilitating trade and business.

The manual transportation system has multi-fold challenges, some of which are

COST: Like any other business, the transportation and freight sector to have to deal with issues like increasing fuel costs, duplication of work and many such issues related to expenses.

Using a computerized and efficient transport management system like the Bilty Software helps tackle this issue well. One of the advantages of using such a system is minimizing bottlenecks and reduce costs.

Plenty of data handling manually can be tedious and tiresome: Forwarders, warehouse, and logistics executives need to work hands-on with plenty of data and figures, and that too daily.

There is invoicing, sanctioning bills, data entries, ledgers towards outflow and inflow of goods and many other such tasks.

A comprehensive and integrated transport software will help overcome such issues, working as a one-stop platform for handling all kinds of data.

Manual systems become cumbersome, especially when it comes to handling multiple supply chains while offering tailor-made services to customers. It becomes too complicated and, in the process, systems and services suffer.

With a computerized system in place, sophisticated and numerous supply chains can be worked through with super efficiency with optimized delivery standards.

Optimized Business Solutions

Features of Transport Management Software

Stop Leakage and Shortage

  • A professional and expert Transport Management Software like the Bilty helps reduce revenue leakages that result directly from inconsistent and lost paperwork, manual miscalculation mistakes, irregular invoicing and crucial deliveries that usually move out with no record.
  • With Transport software in place, all issues related to lack of paperwork, repetitive and monotonous manual processes get eliminated efficiently.
  • From system-generated invoicing to receiving e-consignments, all records are saved in the server. In fact, with the right software system in place, there are no chances of goods and shipments going untraced and untracked.
  • No consignment can leave the warehouse without being recorded in the computerized freight system.

Payroll System

  • The TMS helps manage data related to your employees. The Bilty software takes over from all manual-driven processes be it related to payroll calculations, maintaining authentic employee data or payment processing.
  • Then there are compliance-related matters that need to be met on a mandatory basis by government rules and regulations.
  • A manual system makes such compliant related issues complicated and tedious but with the best logistics software system in place, all such matters are conveniently and flawlessly resolved.
  • With user-friendly features that enable hands-on operations, the software can be worked proficiently with few simple clicks.

Fleet(Truck) Management

  • A professional system has an integral fleet management system in place that helps log in the driving times, resting times of a driver, the driving behaviour, live status information, the loading and unloading times and all relevant details that collects and stores data entered by truck drivers through their mobiles.
  • The Fleet Management System(FMS) can have an independent existence as well as can be productively integrated with the Bilty TMS so that all operations, be it related to the back-office or to the on-the-road data, well-coordinated with optimization of costs and reduction of errors.

Online Support

  • The good thing about modern technology and advanced techniques is that the Bilty Software is completely operational in the online mode.
  • As a result, from your personnel including the truck driver to the customer’s team, each individual is online, tracking the status of the shipment, the freight, and the truck in real-time.
  • With online support, people from all locations work in a synchronized manner with live interactions and communication.
  • A thorough and neatly packaged system, this software enables a seamless and non-stop flow and exchange of data, from all points and locations, from any place on the Earth.

Auto Accounting With GST

  • The solutions assists businesses to work as per the government laid-down rules and regulations related to accounting and finance.
  • With an in-built and well-programmed invoicing system, templates, tracking system for payments and expenses, it helps to manage all details about the finances of your freight business.
  • Client details are all fed in and each invoice auto-calculates the GST and other applicable taxes; that eventually helps in the filing of GST returns too. Along with time tracking, every step is thoroughly synchronized that helps in overcoming all issues and challenges related to the manual transport billing software.
  • The transport billing software integrates different functionalities including accounting, fleet management, warehouse management, freight load costs, and reporting systems so that the overall effectiveness towards the goals of the business is achieved optimally.
  • The accounting part of the system helps in the reconciliation of bills and invoices accurately with physical shipments that have been sent, helps in better tracking and follow-ups on pending payments, helps in reducing errors related to receivables and also proves to be a great support during the audit process.
  • From taxation related matters to auditing freight bills to streamlining payments, the software ensures that the business is run on a foolproof system.

Business Report

  • The Bilty System helps not only in optimizing the physical movement of trucks, loads and good but also ensures that every relevant parameter in the logistics business is recorded and reported in real-time.
  • Such reports help the management take key decisions about the performance of the business and also evaluate different analytical parameters.
  • With the facility of being able to generate customized reports, the TMS acts as an essential tool for business intelligence.
  • It helps in making faster and more effective decisions about process improvements, better response time and initiate prompter actions.

Truck Volume Calculator

  • Freight load rates are one of the most crucial factors in transportation. It depends on several factors that include the distance that the truck needs to travel, the payload, the route that the truck will follow, toll taxes, the return load order, etc.
  • The Transport Management Software has an in-built calculator that helps logistics and warehouse managers to efficiently use their resources and trucks, avoiding all kinds of duplication and high expense related issues that the manual transport system is plagued with.
  • The in-built system helps in decision-making wherein multiple consignments are sent through a single truck.

Warehouse/Go-down Management

  • Transportation Management System contributes to improving the working of a go-down. A warehouse manager’s important challenge is to control the inwards and outward flow of inventory and maintaining the stock levels.
  • This is one aspect of his job that needs to be well organized daily. The TMS can be effectively paired with a warehouse management system for better hand-holding and maintenance of records and data.
  • Also, the movement of goods can be fruitfully tracked, starting right from the point where the goods are stored in the go-down.
  • Also, the movement of goods can be fruitfully tracked, starting right from the point where the goods are stored in the go-down.

Business Solutions For


A logistician is someone who manages the entire supply chain or life-cycle of a product – from the movement of the raw materials for production to the final product moving out of the warehouse to each customer. The logistics management software empowers the logistics manager for it automates the entire supply chain by nullifying manual-oriented processes.

With robust software like this, the logistics department can work more efficiently handling multiple freight movements – inbound, outbound, international and domestic. Loads of all kinds and sizes can now be handled with super ease, with each movement recorded in the system for easy tracking and better working.


It assists the transporter with proper and optimized planning of their fleet of carrier vehicles, the routes, schedules, lead handling, maintenance and fuel expenses, driver safety – that helps them save on their operational costs.

The software enables a super-efficient model of monitoring and tracking vehicles in transit that also serves in making transactions and good movements securer. The system helps them eliminate common issues related to time delays and makes their deliveries more professional. Overall, it helps improve their services and meeting customer expectations better as they can guarantee faster and timely deliveries.

Freight Broker (Agent)

A freight broker who helps liaison organizations with shippers and transporters is at the center of big transportation and shipping orders. For the broker, a freight broker software helps eliminate all forms of manually-driven operations that are time-consuming, difficult to track and record and also prone to human errors.

With the help of TMS, agents can now track shipments live and also assign loads matching with carrier capacities better. It enables an error-free and trustworthy collaborative relationship between the agent, the transporter and the client where each one is connected to the system in the real-time enabling resolving of issues instantly.

Fleet Provider

For a fleet management, the biggest challenges related to fleet and asset management is proactively taken care of by the Bilty Software. From managing the maintenance of the fleet to utilizing the available carriers optimally, the software not only computerizes processes but also with the help of the latest technology helps the fleet provider take effective decisions and execute the same.

Whether it is about planning the route that directly affects fuel consumption or about managing and assigning drivers to tasks at hand, the provider can save costs, increase the productivity of the fleet and ensure the safety of the assets of the company.

Stocks (Goods) Management

Inventory management or goods management is about ensuring that the stock never gets over or is replenished effectively, playing an important role in the realm of production. Whether it is about raw materials, semi-finished goods or finished products, this is one aspect that needs thorough professionalism and ethical handling to ensure profitability and returns.

The chances of making erroneous decisions become nil, therefore, helping the management to make smart decisions, maintain the value of stock and save crucial time. From making processes foolproof to ensuring proper scalability, the system empowers businesses to grow organically and become more efficiently productive.

Full Truck Load Service Provider

For the FTL service providers, the full truck load software offers respite from processes and systems that were running on manual and labor-intensive techniques for too long now. It undoubtedly helps the service provider reduce his operational costs related to freight and shipment while helping him maximize the movement of goods and in proactive decision-making.

From better management of routes, loads, fleets, fuel surcharges, invoicing, lading bills, etc to be able to track the transit in real-time and receive status updates on deliveries and delays, the TMS is an invaluable asset that helps resolve issues effectively and promptly.

Part Truck Load Service Provider

The part truck load software is about enhancing the coordination and communication between multiple parties for part loads that can be safely transported to multiple directions through different carrier vehicles. Removing completely the need to depend on paperwork and manually driven processes, the software helps your business record and track every relevant detail or data with impeccable accuracy and precision.

From being able to book shipments to maintaining data of stocks at various go-downs and optimizing the loading of trucks on fixed routes, the software makes a key difference in reducing operational costs and maximizing returns.

Optimized Management Hike The Business Revenue

A transportation management system primarily affects three areas of a business entity – helps meet customer expectations with faster and prompter deliveries; helps improve the efficiency of warehouse operations and improves cashflows by proper utilization of the accounting system of the software. The  TMS system is an exceptional service-oriented and performance-enhancing software system that works in an integrated manner to optimize workflows and improve the revenues of the business. How?

  • It supports prudent decision-making by using the analytical powers and customized reports of the system
  • It comprehensively leverages and automates the logistics network and the warehouse of the business to optimize operations and drastically minimize costs.
  • It helps in proper freight management that is focussed on timely deliveries, maximizing performance of fleet, assets, and routes there making the entire process cost-effective.
  • It makes the entire delivery framework robust and reliable thereby improving customer’s trust and faith. This helps with retention of old customers and also gaining new clients that overall affect the performance of the business.
  • The software helps transform a manually operated business to become fully computerized where all aspects of the business can be tracked in the real-time and online. This helps the business offer consistent professional services to clients that result in increased business opportunities.